Study in England: Top 10 Best Universities

Best Universities

University of London: the most international in the UK

First positive point of UCL (University College London)? It is one of the most international in the country , with nearly 18,000 foreign students out of 39,000 . Second positive point? The university is located in the heart of the British capital , a few minutes walk from King’s Cross station, St. Pancras International station, as well as the British Museum. Created in 1826, the establishment has always been known for its openness: in the nineteenth century, it was the first to accept students regardless of religious affiliation, and to award diplomas to women. To register, in addition to the rigorous tests , it is necessary to speak impeccable English., and to have obtained a mention “Good” or “Very good” in the Baccalaureate .

1. Imperial College London

The specialties of Imperial College? Engineering, science, medicine, as well as business studies. Here, however, the divisions between disciplines tend to be abolished, in order to create an effervescence conducive to innovation. For example, a master’s degree in the carbon economy was recently created there; it stands at the crossroads of economics, science and medicine. Highly selective, Imperial Collage is known to be one of the most innovative institutions in the world, both in terms of quality of education and quality of life for students. The university has recently included a school of design. Like the University of London, it is located right in the heart of the city, in South Kensington.

2. University of Bath

Bath is a city generally little known to the French. However, it is only one hour from London, and its university is one of the most attractive in England. In 2014, the Times Magazine even awarded it the coveted title of “Best campus in England”. With more than 17,000 students, the University of Bath has nothing to envy to its London competitors. Here, we specialize in all kinds of fields: engineering, management, sociology, or even psychology.

3. University of Manchester

Manchester is known to be the largest industrial city in the world. No wonder, then, that his university is so renowned in fields such as engineering or science. It is one of the busiest institutions in England, with over 40,000 students. Regarding the living environment, the campus offers the particularity of being more integrated into the city than the average, which gives students the opportunity to take advantage of the local cultural richness. Many expats attend this university, and most find employment directly after graduation. We study medicine as well as English literature, chemistry, mathematics, or biological sciences.

 4. King’s College London

Alongside Oxford and Cambridge, King’s College London is one of the most renowned institutions in the United Kingdom. It is also one of the fifty most prestigious universities in the world according to the Times Magazine ranking. Many events and conferences take place every year on the campus, which is located not far from central London. The complex has three gymnasiums, around 60 sports clubs, and volunteer work in fields ranging from cinema to journalism and photography. The choice of course is vast: it encompasses nursing as well as management or history studies.

5. University of Bristol

Life is good in Bristol, and the campus is no exception: it is one of the friendliest in the United Kingdom, with a particularly developed social and associative life. As far as the subjects taught are concerned, they range from computer science to electrical engineering, passing through psychology, the Arts, and even the biological sciences. To submit an application, as in all other British universities, you must go through the UCAS platform (Universities and colleges admissions service), on which you must submit a letter of motivation, a forecast of the results of the Baccalaureate, as well as a letter recommendation from a teacher.

In the fields of political science and social science, the LSE has long been proven. Considered one of the two best universities in the world in these fields, it is known for having trained many international leaders in the world of politics, but also business and the media. About fifty future heads of state and nineteen Nobel Prize winners have studied on its benches. Here again, it is a very selective university, where candidates must have obtained excellent results in the Baccalaureate, and speak almost impeccable English.

6. University of Warwick

The University of Warwick was established in 1965, making it one of the oldest institutions on this list. However, in about fifty years, Warwick has become one of the most highly rated universities in the United Kingdom. The proof ? Multinational companies as prestigious as Apple or Airbus do not hesitate to recruit directly on campus. The CEOs of Citroën and Burger King come from the benches of Warwick, just like the president of the World Bank, or the creator of the Lonely Planet tourist guides . Located less than two hours from London by car, the campus offers its students an environment far from urban stress, with lots of greenery, which allows them to concentrate as much as possible on teaching.



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